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BLK MKT Eats Gluten-free Review

I just finished with finals and I have to say that I definitely needed a few days to recover! Sometimes after finals the best thing to do is just sleep and be a couch potato for a few days. Now that I've done that I'm ready to get back on track with several new projects that I have for you all!

Today I wanted to do a review of BLK MKT Eats, which is a restaurant that serves burrito-sized sushi rolls as well as poke bowls. I love a good sushi roll, and during the busy semester my friends and I decided to take a study break to check it out. I asked what my gluten-free options were, and they made sure to change their gloves and cut it on a new cutting board with a different knife.

In the FAQs on their website, they specified which options can be made gluten-free, and I went with the Swedish Fish (anything with a Scandinavian name will obviously peak my interest):

You can find their website here:

Overall I thought it was a good place to eat, and a change in the normal places that I go to during the semester! I enjoyed it sitting on top of the St. Louis Art Hill, my favorite spot to take study breaks with good friends!



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